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The Nursey Foundation is a non-profit that aids underprivileged and underserved communities. It was founded by Aaron and Heidi Nursey, along with co-founders Roddy and Nandy Premsukh in 2022. The founders are a group of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds that span Executive Management, Financial Management, and Healthcare. We are united in our commitment to provide funding to our cherished causes, as well as our wisdom and knowledge to the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our PASSION is to aid in the human experience of communities in need.

The Nursey Foundation's core values are shaped by our pledge to uphold the highest ethical principles that determine our priorities, decisions, and commitments to the community. 

- Noble 

- Understanding 

- Relationships 

- Selfless 

- Empathy 

- Yes, we can together

Charity Drive

Empowering individuals by offering access to resources to live a productive and meaningful life.

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