Heidi Nursey

Co-Founder & CEO

Having a deep concern for people in need, Heidi brings empathy as the CEO because she’s a natural caregiver, having taken care of others her entire adult life; and learning the true meaning of unconditional love and support from her parents. She draws her inspiration from her husband Aaron, whom she watched for 24 years building a successful company from the ground up. Aaron’s determination and drive are what fuel her to succeed.

As a child, Heidi knew she wanted to do two things with her life: 1) be a good mother and 2) help those in need. While taking care of her family, she earned her certification as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Her passion is assisting people in living improved lives. Changing lives and seeing others enjoy better opportunities gives her inner peace and a sense of worthiness—a trait she shares with her co-founder colleagues.

In her spare time, Heidi enjoys hanging out with family and friends, rewatching old movies and going on boat cruises.