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As the Chairman, Aaron is responsible for ensuring the actions taken are in line with the foundation’s mission, bylaws, and goals.

As an expert at reducing costs, preserving market share, and meeting production deadlines, Aaron loves using those skills to help people. His mantra is, to do good things, and good things will happen. This mantra works because he has helped many companies remain in business, maintain profitability, and retain employees.

Aaron has been extremely successful in the electronic component distribution industry for over 24 years. His company Direct Components Inc. perpetuates the flow of people, ideas, and energy, to keep manufacturers making, distributors supplying, and consumers accomplishing.

He has received countless accolades and his company has won numerous awards. Aaron remains humble and considers his most significant accomplishment is marrying his wife Heidi and being a father to his two children, Sierra and Caleb.

Aaron's commitment to the company does not stop him from enjoying a healthy amount of leisure activities. He enjoys spending time with his family, DJing, fishing, boating, and is often found reading for pleasure.

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As the CEO, Heidi is responsible for guiding the development and efficient execution of long-term strategies for the organization, with the objective of maximizing the number of individuals and families we serve.

Having a deep concern for people in need, Heidi brings a wealth of empathy as the CEO because she’s a natural caregiver, having taken care of others her entire adult life; and learning the true meaning of unconditional love and support from her parents. She draws her inspiration from her husband Aaron, whom she watched for 24 years building a successful company from the ground up. Aaron’s determination and drive are what fuel her to succeed.

She’s quick to note that the “secret” to her success in running the foundation is teamwork. And she admits that she couldn’t have imagined starting this organization without the help of others.

As a child, Heidi knew she wanted to do two things with her life: 1) be a good mother and 2) help those in need. While taking care of her family, she earned her certification as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Her passion is assisting people in living improved lives. Changing lives and seeing others enjoy better opportunities gives her inner peace and a sense of worthiness—a trait she shares with her co-founder colleagues.
In her spare time, Heidi enjoys hanging out with family and friends, rewatching old
movies and going on boat cruises.

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As the CFO, Nandy draws from her more than 20 years of experience in controllership, corporate strategies, and business management to manage all aspects of the finance functions for the foundation.

Nandy found her philanthropist side in 1997 when she participated in “the 30-hour famine” by World Vision, a well-known charity dedicated to helping families overcome poverty and injustice, as a high school activity to send aid to children in poverty-stricken countries and has continued her philanthropic endeavors with numerous charities annually.

Prior to co-founding The Nursey Foundation, Nandy worked in the corporate world for various organizations as President, Controller, and Financial Consultant. Nandy takes pride in knowing that under her leadership, she can make a positive impact by touching many souls, it gives her a sense of belonging and purpose, and a genuine meaning in her life.

Nandy still finds time to relax and unwind. She has been married to her amazing husband Roddy for 23 years, with whom she finds constant inspiration, and is the mother of two incredible sons (Kethan and Nicholas) who both excel academically and in sports. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, fishing, and traveling.

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As the COO, Roddy is a self-motivated professional with extensive experience in financial and managerial accounting in both the manufacturing and retail industries. He brings together diverse stakeholders, builds strong relationships, and cultivates cooperation to find common ground and achieve extraordinary, challenging goals. He is also a relentless bottom-line driver with a history of exceeding corporate goals by identifying untapped opportunities that drive aggressive growth and managing KPIs.

His solutions-focused, results-driven, proactive “out of the box” approach to problem solving and superior leadership skills motivate and direct cross-functional teams to produce desired results.

Roddy is a CPA, CGA, and operational executive with over 25 years of corporate
experience building efficient financial operations across domestic and international
markets and after work he loves fishing, traveling, and most of all spending quality time
with his beautiful wife Nandy of 23 years and 2 sons.

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