Ready... Set... GO!

Are you a nonprofit with goals that seem hard to reach? Do you want to make an impact but aren’t sure where to begin? The team at Nursey Foundation can help!

In our continued effort to improve the lives of those individuals within our cherished causes, Nursey Foundation has developed a way to strategically help your organization grow!

From reviewing your mission and vision, to uncovering hidden threats within your operation, your strategic session will be instrumental in how you impact lives via your philanthropic efforts.

Contact us today to fill out an application to start your journey towards sustainable growth!


What our partners are saying

Being able to see my goals this way really helps! I feel more confident now!


The Community Food Pantry

The GO Program really shifts the poverty mindset away from the non profit world.


Macdonald Training Center

This program has helped us to focus on having enough money to be sustainable but also enough money to make an impact.


Christine Ortoll Charity