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Aaron Nursey

Founder & Chairman

Aaron Nursey

Aaron is an expert at reducing costs, preserving market share, and

meeting production deadlines. Aaron loves using those skills to

help people. His mantra is, Do good things, and good things will

happen. It seems to work because he has helped many companies

remain in business, be profitable, and retain employees.

Aaron has been extremely successful in the electronic component distribution

industry for over 24 years. His company Direct Components Inc. perpetuates the

flow of people, ideas, and energy, keeping manufactures making, distributors

supplying and consumers accomplishing.

He has received countless accolades and his company has won numerous awards,

however, Aaron considers his most significant accomplishments are marrying his

wife Heidi and being a father to his two children, Sierra and Caleb.

Aaron's commitment to the company does not stop him from enjoying a healthy

amount of leisure activities. He enjoys spending time with his family, attending

church, DJing, fishing, boating, and is often found reading for pleasure.


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