Isabel Dias

Office Manager

Isabel Dias, a seasoned professional originally from Newark, New Jersey, and now thriving in sunny Florida, has transitioned her career from social work to becoming an accomplished office manager. With over a decade of experience, Isabel’s journey in life is intricately woven with the love and support of her family. She’s been happily married to her best friend, Richard, for over 15 years, and they cherish their two children, Kayla and RJ. The Dias family’s shared passion for adventure takes them jet skiing, a favorite pastime that brings them closer together, along with their extended “second family” of like-minded enthusiasts.
In her dynamic role as an office manager, Isabel applies her well-honed skills in organization and leadership to create efficient work environments. Her career transition showcases her adaptability and determination to excel in diverse fields, mirroring her commitment to making a positive difference. Isabel Dias exemplifies the spirit of resilience, love, and service, continuing to inspire those around her to embrace the beauty of human connections and the power of community, both at work and in her personal life.